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Copywriting is often confused with content writing. They both have the same  goal - growing your business - but they do so in different ways.

Content writing builds loyalty and engagement by educating the reader about a topic relevant to your industry, or helping them to solve a problem.  Crucially, it doesn't drive them to take a specific action at that point. 

Copywriting pushes the reader to do a specific thing, like signing up for a newsletter, clicking 'learn more' or making a purchase. Both disciplines work in synergy. Well-written copy will drive more sales if you've built a relationship with customers by providing useful content.

Whether you need powerful copy for adverts, direct mail campaigns, brochures, leaflets or sales emails, I can help. I've written literally hundreds of them. I will communicate your messages clearly and persuasively, so that the logical next step is for the reader to take action. The result? Increased revenue and business growth.

Copywriting: About Me
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